Conversation starters: Engage your parents

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Many of us have trouble starting conversations with people we love.
This got me thinking about what resources would have on the subject and reminded me that conversation between husbands and wives, parents and kids, grandkids and grandparents can be hard I have been married 32 years; do we really have anything left to talk about? I sure hope so, but many nights I am at a loss to what to talk about. Same with my kids, particularly when they hit the age when the clam up and do not give anything but one word answers.

So in the spirit of providing resources here are some ideas for starting conversations:

Conversations to have with your parents
(Questions from www.storyworth):

What is your first memory ever?

What are some of the choices you made about how to raise me?

What is your favorite children’s story?

How did you figure out how to be a parent?

What about having kids didn’t turn out the way you expected?

What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

Do you prefer summer or winter?

What are your favorite songs?

What is the most romantic thing that has happened in your life?

Has anyone ever rescued you, figuratively or literally?

What was the neighborhood you grew up in like?

What games did you play when you were young?

What was your first car? How different from today’s cars?

Have you ever doubted your faith?

How did you celebrate your 30th birthday?

Did you ever get in trouble at school as a child?

Have you ever given or been the recipient of a random act of kindness?

Did you get along with your siblings as a child?

What television program did you watch as a child?

Who was your favorite high school teacher? Why?