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It’s absolutely ok – and encouraged – to include some creativity, ingenuity, humor, and character. However, some students tend to go over the top, let their anecdote carry on a bit too long, and ultimately come off as trite or immature. While writing about role models, patients, or other people in your personal statement is commonly Bridge Sentence Types and Examples done and can be beneficial, make sure that it ultimately reveals something about you. You do not want a reader to finish reading your personal statement having learned more about someone else rather than about you. Writing your personal statement for medical school is difficult, especially if you want to make it engaging.

The irony of my childhood nickname is that like Mr. Potato Head, medical professionals make adjustments and are regularly transformed by forces beyond their control. Mr. Potato Head has been able to entertain for generations because he has advanced with the changing entertainment environment through applications and online interfacing. My concussions prompted me to embrace a change in hobbies, broadened my outlook, deepened my character, and provoked my interest in medicine, which I hope to pursue in medical school. Even though this example is not as dramatic as the previous one, it catches the reader’s attention by making a unique claim that the reader will want to know more about.

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The health inequity propelled me to improve healthcare through a social lens in communities most in need. Her friendship, along with those with teachers, classmates, and neighbors, constantly supported and guided me in school. When I initially entered school,, I did not know a single letter of the English alphabet, let alone how to verbally articulate my thoughts. For the first month, I carried a notebook containing common English phrases written by my father, such as, “Where is the restroom? ” with Chinese translations and transliterations on the side. I felt completely dependent on others to use the restroom during class or buy lunch in the cafeteria.

  1. Here’s how to write a compelling med school personal statement that shows schools who you are and what you’re capable of.
  2. With my renewed interest in medicine, I enrolled in classes to get my AEMT license to get more experience in the medical field.
  3. Even though you are trying to be as concise as possible in your personal statement, you will want to write about your experiences as though you are telling a story.
  4. The first guest that my co-director and I accepted into the program was one of the friendliest men one could imagine, thrust into a horrible situation due to a difficult divorce.
  5. Your essay may focus in-depth on one experience or include a summary to illustrate varied relevant experiences and extracurricular activities.
  6. Chances are, you’ll need to transition from the previous discussion of a time in the past to squarely speak about yourself here and now or in a comment toward the future.
  7. My preparation of a career as a medical doctor started, ironically with my work as a professional engineer.

While many factors would pull me towards medicine, it was the desire to help people often overlooked by society that drew me initially. Whether it is with Lucas, my hospice patients, or even my friends and family, I try to be available as a confidant and comforting ear. Though I certainly do not have any profound insights that fix their problems, I have found that simply being present and listening is inherently therapeutic.

Medical school personal statement example #5: The Anthropology Student

You don’t want to go back in time and join your younger self and narrate from that perspective. The “return” to your former child typically results in replicating a childlike emotional capacity – and chances are, that’s not you anymore. You’re more skilled at making connections between ideas and experiences. You can narrate a scene or circumstance and attach awareness of what you realize now it means – like the over-narratives of documentaries where the author sheds true insight about the meaning of past events. The key to writing a personal statement that frames a moment in childhood well is to stand firmly in the present and stay descriptive and perceptive. Quite a bit of time has passed since then, and that distance has given you the opportunity to see things a little differently now.

  1. When I was applying to residency, I was asked why I going into the field that I chose, which is internal medicine.
  2. Our goal when working with students is to draw out what makes each student distinctive.
  3. When she attempted to hold a glass of water, the uncontrollable shaking expelled most of it.
  4. Make a bullet for each quality you will be talking about in your essay.
  5. Then think of a story or illustration for why each experience was important.
  6. Over the course of four years as a volunteer and on staff, however, the opportunity to peer into the black box reshaped how I thought about service and medicine.
  7. Often, these barriers exacerbate mundane issues the immigrant population faces as they have difficulty finding people who can understand and care for them.
  8. I for one love stories because you can really put the reader in your shoes and make them feel like they’re going through your experience.

When you start brainstorming and writing your personal statement, keep these limits in mind. I have grown by exploring the multifaceted world of medicine through shadowing, pioneering research to advance patient care at the NIH, and cultivating trusting relationships with patients from the vaccine clinic. As a doctor, my desire to be an innovative thinker and how to start a personal statement for a medical school problem solver will fuel my unrelenting quest for discovery throughout a lifetime of learning. Most importantly, I aspire to use my medical knowledge to improve lives and establish meaningful patient partnerships, just as Rachel’s doctor did with her. Immigrating into a foreign country without speaking a word of the language is a terrifying task for anyone.

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In the last three years, I have conducted research at the Stanford School of Medicine where I have worked on expressing and purifying an RVG-Lamp2C fusion protein tag. My time in the lab has taught me how to be thorough and precise in my experimentation and thinking. Most importantly, my frustrations, setbacks, and successes have fostered both a profound appreciation for science and a hunger for a greater understanding of how life works. At this moment, I recalled holding a colon in my hands in Dr. Martin’s operating room and was awestruck by the idea of that immediately tangible collection of tissue being the key to so many elusive cures. I found myself itching to contribute to our understanding of this incredibly promising and fascinating body system.

What makes the first sentence a strong opening for this introduction?

What makes the first sentence a strong opening for this introduction? The writer uses creativity and humor to engage the reader. The writer ponders childhood to stir up the reader’s memories. The writer introduces the topic immediately to inform the reader.

So, don’t wait until Memorial Day to write your essay and intend to submit on June 1. Also, give yourself time to put a draft down for a day or two and return to it when you’re able to read it afresh.

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” is a question that most medical school applicants obsess about in the months leading up to applying. And before you ever even get an opportunity to interview, your personal statement is where you must answer this question and prove to admissions committees that you deserve a shot. The focus of your personal statement, similar to secondary essays, is YOU. What do you think your strengths and admirable qualities are? What unique background would you bring to a medical school class? The reader should have a clear idea of the answers to these questions.

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You can apply the QPUD framework to analyze your own writing. You’ll soon learn that the best personal statements aren’t produced by accident, but rather through multiple thoughtful iterations. Once you’ve identified your defining qualities, the task of communicating why youare specifically fit for medicinebecomes much easier. Through engaging stories, you can leave no doubt in readers’ minds that you’re not only qualified for this field, but also the right person for the job.

Clichéd Approach 4: Focusing too much on characters who are not you

The applicant effectively uses the second paragraph to provide context, about their early interest in medicine and in mentoring youth. It becomes clear, therefore, why the applicant started off their essay writing about a teaching experience in an 11th-grade Words and Phrases to Use in an Essay classroom. That said, your personal statement should include at least one experience directly related to medicine. In your essay, you’ll want to briefly describe how your interest in medicine developed, followed by how you consistently pursued that interest.

how to start a personal statement for a medical school

This test helped shape my attitude towards the work that I am now doing in Dr. Lee’s molecular biology research lab. In searching for a cure for colon cancer, the work can become tedious, and the project progresses very slowly. Many just give up, feeling that the answers they seek are buried too deep and require too much effort to find. But my training and the battles I have fought with illness have taught me persistence. I realize that many times progress plateaus, or even declines before I find the results I seek. Most of all, I know that the more hard work I invest, the more exciting, overwhelming, and fulfilling are the later rewards.