Out of Control – Finding peace for the Physically Exhausted and Spiritually Strung Out by Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams


Out of Control – Finding peace for the Physically Exhausted and Spiritually Strung Out by Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams 2006

  1. Living Freely And Lightly
    1. A Culture Spinning Out Of Control
      1. Mommy Madness
      2. No Pace, No Peace
  • The So-Called Rewards Of An Out-Of-Control Life
    1. Approval
    2. Self-Worth
    3. Spiritual Significance
  1. On The Verge Of Insanity
    1. Insanity In The World At Large
    2. Insanity, Courtesy Of Mother Nature
  2. Three-Ring Insanity
    1. Ring #1 Information and Choice Overload
    2. Ring #2 Accessibility Overload
    3. Ring #3 Responsibility Overload
  3. Every Circus Has A Ringmaster
  • Jesus In The Twenty-First Century
  • The Missing Peace
  1. Putting It In Perspective
  1. Are You Out Of Control?
    1. Heeding The Warning Signs
      1. Are You Out Of Shape? (Physical Symptoms)
      2. Are You Out Of Sorts? (Emotional/Mental Symptoms)
      3. Are You Out Of Touch? (Relational Symptoms)
      4. Are You Out Of Time? (Scheduling Symptoms)
      5. Are You Out Of Balance? (Interpersonal Symptoms)
      6. Are you Out Of Order? (Spiritual Symptoms)
    2. It Is All Connected
  • OOC Self –Inventory
  1. Seven Lies That Feed The OOC Lifestyle
    1. They are:
      1. Lie #1: True Peace Is Only For Monks And Mystics
      2. Lie #2: To Achieve Success In The Eyes Of The World Is To Be Significant
      3. Lie #3: It’s Up To Us To Fill Ourselves
      4. Lie #4: What We Ignore Can’t Hurt Us
      5. Lie #5: Resting Is Lazy And Unproductive
      6. Lie #6: We Are Going To Live Forever
      7. Lie #7: What We Can Build Is Permanent
    2. The Luxury Of Truth
  2. Spiritual Practices For Peace And Rest
    1. It All Starts With The Sabbath
      1. The Story Behind The Sabbath
      2. Your Identity In The Sabbath
  • The Power Of Sabbath Rest
  1. The Overflow Of Sabbath Living
  1. The Practice Of Solitude And Silence
    1. Forced Or Chosen?
    2. Why Practice Solitude?
      1. We Are Prone To Drift
      2. We Are Designed For Community
      3. We Need Refining
      4. A Loving Father Beckons
  • So How Does Solitude Work?
  1. Enjoy The Benefits Of Solitude
    1. Nurturing, centering, reflecting, nourishing, listening
  2. The Practice Of Presence
    1. Six Ways Prayer Helps Us “Practice The Presence”
      1. Prayer Supplies Protection
      2. Payer Teaches Dependency
      3. Prayer Encourages Listening
      4. Prayer Offers Freedom
      5. Prayer Invites Transformation
      6. Prayer Establishes Perspective
    2. Practicing The Presence Of God
  • Focus On Impact, Not Action
  1. Consider It A Process, Not A Project
  2. Just Breathe
  3. Don’t Be Squeamish About The M-Word
  1. Appreciating The Value Of Prayer And Meditation
  2. Short Prayers
    1. A Prayer Of Surrender
    2. The Lord’s Prayer
  • The Serenity Prayer
  1. The Jesus Prayer
  2. A Prayer Of Repentance
  3. A Prayer For Mature Believers Only
  1. Prayer And Meditation Practices
    1. Prayer Of Release
    2. Prayer Walking
  • Palms Up/Palms Down
  1. Spiritual Journaling
  1. Three Movements For Lifestyle Change
    1. Move Your Priorities
      1. The Need For Intentional Love
      2. What’s Essential, And What’s Not
  • Time And Contentment
  1. The Power Of One
  2. The power Of Disowning
  3. The Power Of No
    1. Use It Or Lose It; Exercise Your No Muscle
    2. Just Say No With No Explanation
    3. Start With “Probably Not”
    4. Say, “Let Me Sleep On It”
  • The power Of Boundaries
    1. Boundaries Around The Family
    2. Boundaries Around Your Closest Friendships
    3. Boundaries Around Your Worship
    4. Boundaries Around Your Sabbath
    5. Boundaries Around Your Mind And Heart
    6. Boundaries Around Your Free Time
    7. Boundaries Around Your Purpose
    8. One Final Word On Priorities
      1. In light of your brief time on earth, decide now to determine your true priorities and to live by them.
    9. Move Away From Technology
      1. The New Monster On The Block
        1. Are You Controlling Technology, Or Is It Controlling You?
        2. Is Technology Bringing A Sense Of Peace And Well-Being To Your Life?
        3. Is Technology Deepening Your Relationship With Others And With God?
        4. What Is Behind The Constant Buzz?
      2. How to Stop Sucking Your High-Tech Thumb
  • Learn To Discern
  1. Move Into Community
    1. The Ultimate Community – God himself
    2. The Local Community – The Church
  • The Supporting Community
  1. 12 Steps For Those Whose Lives Are Out Of Control
    1. See page 169=170
  2. Your Place In The Community
  1. Your New Life In His Control
    1. Testimonials
    2. Let’s Get Personal (Your Story)
  2. Study Guide
    1. Buy the Book – Pages 191-208